4 Problems With The Galaxy S8 That Samsung Can Fix With The Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S8 (Ryan Whitwam)
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The Galaxy S8 is undeniably one of the best smartphones you can buy, and Samsung is selling them as fast as they roll off the assembly line. Still, it’s not a perfect phone. There are a number of glaring issues with this phone-things Samsung can (and should) address in the Galaxy S9.

Focus on speed

The Galaxy S8 is fast enough, but is that really acceptable when a phone costs more than $700? It packs the brand spankin’ new Snapdragon 835, but Samsung is very focused on battery life.

In fact, the GS8 isn’t much faster than the Galaxy S7. The difference between phones like the Pixel, and even cheaper phones like the OnePlus 3T is clear. The GS8 isn’t as fast.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.(Qualcomm)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.(Qualcomm)

It’s been a nagging issue for several generations, and with the GS9 Samsung can fix this problem. With the Galaxy S9, Samsung needs to build in enough headroom that it can have good battery life and performance that is on-par with the competition.

When the GS9 ships, Qualcomm should be offering the Snapdragon 845, a second-gen 10nm chip. Hopefully that will bring sufficient improvements in power efficiency that Samsung can step on the gas a little.

Fix the fingerprint sensor

Samsung was one of the first phone makers to commit to fingerprint sensors on its phone, but they were pretty bad at first. Now, they’re still not very good. Even cheap phones like the Moto G5 Plus has a faster, more accurate sensor than the Galaxy S8. Samsung also put the sensor in a terrible place on the back of the phone: very high, next to the camera.

The Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor. (Ryan Whitwam)

The Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor. (Ryan Whitwam)

Samsung cannot ship another phone with this fingerprint sensor-it’s that bad. It’ll either need to move the sensor down under the camera where it’s easier to reach (like other phones). Alternatively, it needs to perfect that in-screen fingerprint scanner tech that’s been rumored for years. That would be awfully spiffy.

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